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Hello everyone! I made a mod with a bunch of conversions from games like Oblivion Fallout NV/3 and Skyrim but I'm extremely novice at modding and I need someone with more experience to help me sort out some problems I faced with some of the meshes. Here's an imgur album with the currently working outfits http://imgur.com/a/ksXxl


Anyone Interested let me know and I'll give you a link to the file (It's a hefty 1.83GB zip file) There's around 95 or more outfits.


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Meshes look fine to me.. No clipping from what I can ascertain (which is the usual problem I get when going through the arduous process..), but I understand you're probably using lower values for each body part so I can understand why it would be more aesthetically compatible in this manner.


Nice work btw, it's actually pretty impressive to see this amount of work done, normally takes me ages to do this sort of thing (especially since I can't stop myself from fiddling around with things in outfit studio).


Beyond that, if the outfits aren't causing the game to crash, refusing to load at all, or are replaced by a huge red exclamation mark, then what is the problem?

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I have one causing a crash (might be a texture/mesh problem) and the other problem i'm having is the weight painting in longer dresses, the mesh gets completely distorted.


I had to re do this 3 times lol once because I was doing the conversions the wrong way so I deleted them and restarted. Then I accidentally deleted the files, and this is the result from the last attempt.

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