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Sex and Dawngaurd weird issue

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ok so Im have a weird problem with the Dawngaurd's NPCs every time a supposed sex scene starts

The is for Valerica in soul Carin for Amorous Adventure

GetByTags(ActorCount=2, Tags=LeadIn, Foreplay, TagSurpressed=Zaz,Lesbian,Agressive, RequireAll=TRUE)

GetByTags(ActorCount=2, Tags=sex TagSurpressed=Zaz,Lesbian,Agressive, RequireAll=TRUE)

Thread[0] - Entering Making State

NOTICE: ValidateActor(Valerica)--TRUE--MISS

NOTICE: Valerica Seeded Stats: [81.838188, 88.137672, 82.971733, 102.350937, 94.613045, 4.293705, 9.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 9.000000, 0.000000, 67.000000, 102.812523, 22.881002, 9.990728]

ActorAlias[Valerica] SetActor([DLC1SeranaLevelingScript <(02003B8E)>]) - [sslActorAlias004 on quest SexLab Thread00 (0F061EEF)>]

NOTICE:ValidateActor() -- FALSE -- They are not loaded 

FATAL - Thread[0] AddActor() -- Failed to add actor -- They are not a valid target for animation 

ActorAlias[Valerica] ClearAlias([DLC1SeranaLevelingScript <(02003B8E)>] / [sslActorAlias004 on quest SexLab Thread00 (0F061EEF)>]) - Actor Present during Alias Clear! This is usually harmless as the the alias and the actor will correct itself, but this is usually a sign that a thread did not close cleanly


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hey i am new here and i think i have the same issue but it also goes for Lydia....Ok my issue is that I did a test rape condition using Deadly nights 2...I set my followers in the mcm,

 to rape me as I sleep..Well the first time it worked well ,sort of Serana and Lydia were going at it and I interrupted(dumb me)...Well I went back into the mcm and set my followers (Lydia and Serana), 

to rape me again and went to sleep..Woke up and hit the console key and got that they were blocked from the animations and so was I...I opened the mcm , went to Zaz animations and it listed me as female, 

I am not, and listed the two of them as Male. Also they were both blocked and so was my character...So how do I unblock it ?

Now before you ask yes I have downloaded it all including the kitchen and bathroom sink....I will post a screenshot of the console next time.


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