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Getting NPCs to use beds for Sexlab activity

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I am creating a mod but I am having a hard time getting the NPCs to use the beds during Sexlab animations.  The beds are set to NPC faction, Sexlab is set so that NPCs will use beds and Sexlab animations are working otherwise.  I do not have Sexlab as a mod dependency but I didn think I would need to. 


Currently, NPCs do not use the beds for Random Sex or TDF Prostitution.  I know that in other places TDF works with beds.


Any suggestions or setting through CK to make the NPCs take advantage of these beds?



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To force SexLab to use a bed while an animation is playing, then you need to tell SexLab that you want a bed (you can specify also the exact one) when starting the animation.

If you DO NOT have SexLab as dependency, then how will you start the animations? Do you rely on other mods? Then you have to edit the other mods.


Using CK and factions you cannot do anything special for the beds.


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The mod is just a large room where followers can hang out.  When Sexlab and dependent mods run, the animations start but the NPCS just have their fun wherever they are - on the floor.  I have told Sexlab to use beds "Always" thinking that was enough to force Sexlab to recognize the beds in the cell.  Is it more involved than that? 

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