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House of the Redguard OB - by DavideMitra

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House of the Redguard OB

- by DavideMitra -





"A beautiful, completely custom, Redguard Estate located inside of Anvil walls.

A lovely piece of Hammerfell inspired by Alik'r Desert design and architecture."

Despite the mod name, the building isn't strictly Redguard-themed: it can also be adapted to a Khajiit bornt in the Anequina Desert.

No DLCs required :-)





  • The building and a lot of related objects are hand-made: I only used vanilla assets and, as always, I refused to use modder's resources! Of course, I also had to use Nifskope to do some retextures and to create a static copy of some items.

  • No annoying loading screens: the house is completely exterior!

  • Don't worry, it will never rain through the roof! Inside of Anvil Worldspace I created a new sub-region that will force the weather to be only sunny/cloudy/foggy but not rainy!

  • Immersive containers! No more boring containers like sacks and barrels: now groups of my objects act like a single container.

  • Special furniture available: for instance, sit down on the carpet and "smoke" the Hookah!

  • Lore-linked (but not lore-related) very powerful multi-enchanted cutlass that will bring you a more balanced combat experience: for instance, force spellcasters to a pure melee-fight!

  • Other lore-linked (but not lore-related) artifacts: the Aegis of Sentinel and the Amulet of Satakal - the Redguard snake God of Everything.

  • A lamp will automatically lit during nightime and eventually unlit during daytime: inside of the building it will never be dark!

  • .esp file already cleaned with TES4Edit. Ready to use and safe to use!


!!! HAVE FUN !!!


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