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Bodyslide - Adjust outfits to my custom self-made body mesh


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I know there are many tutorials for Bodyslide related things, but  I don't seem to find the one I am looking for.

I want to adjust the armors and clothes from this mod:



to my body, which is a CBBE HDT mesh. I have already tried the method under "GUIDE 3" from this thread:



But my body is so chubby it just won't fit over :D

Now is there any way to make it happen still? In the gif shown at step 3, from the guide mentioned above, the boobs are pretty huge. So I thought there is an extra pre-step that I can take, before brushing the clipping away, to make the outfits get over the body... Can I somehow set some sliders to make it somehow fit atleast? When I use the sliders in the bones tab, it won't apply, but jumps right back to its normal value/size.



If this should work out. How can I make some sort of preset or something, which applies another outfits size automatically to my body, just the outfit before. So I don't have to make it manually for all the otfits?

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I know, it was not my intention to convert the mesh to an BBP one.

I want to adjust the outfit meshes to my custom body mesh and don't won't to relie on the body mesh that comes with the mod...


I've just pulled it off manually, but it took me like 40 min and it still has clipping due to the moving body parts. I really need some automated solution.

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