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Some mods not working, no CTD (Returning to skyrim after 1 year)


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Explanation: So I just reinstalled skyrim after a year of being out of it, lost my old desktop to the smoke from an apartment complex fire and just now got re situated. New comp and been watching well mostly listening to a ton of gamerpoets and mxr mod videos while I get my life back on track. Got finis installed skse all those good base mods done and familiarized with. So now onto the problems / what I'm trying to get back to.


Apologies in advance for this post not being in the correct location or doesn't follow a specific rule. Please inform me in a PM or move my post where it needs to be. (I tend to shy away from forums because irl I'm partially disabled trans woman suffering from nerve damage and that's made reading for extended periods of time difficult some days and then there's my meds to help manage the pain which make my vision slightly blurry at times.) Which is why I loved skyrim! With wings and mods to get me to fly and editing my own music / sound into the game I basically turned it into a giant hack and slash. Similar to demon's crest where you play as firebrand but in 3d thanks to skyrim! Was fun as hell! Anyways...


So first off I got SOS installed, working proper and my character mostly looking the way I'd like via bodyslide not bodyslide 2 and racemenu which rocks. I use the XP32 Maximum Skeleton.


Problems, solutions tried and results.

1.) I can't seem to get my character's breasts and butt to jiggle

    Tried: Installing HDT Bounce and Jiggles CBBE, all that did was make my character go back to being a super skinny version of    myself causing me to have to reinstall mods to get back to how my character looked as her thicker self. (still was no bounce or sway)

    Tried: Installed UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT and then installed cbbe over it making sure I orverwrite when asked. Result: This has only got my breasts to sway slightly when standing which I guess is a slight improvement.  (this was told to me from the nexus forums.)

***Partially solved**. Looks like after installing an unrelated ENB and starting a new game they breasts jiggle when I run and slightly when I walk, but are stiff as a board when squatting, jumping and landing. Any solutions?


2.) I use the SOS UNP addon for SOS and the CBBE patch for it but I was curious.

    Is there a way to get pubic hair and schlongification on my player character?

    Tried: A few different pubic hair mods but they seem to mostly just replace my female characters cock


3.) I used to have animated dragon wings installed on my character and would fly around with her BUT I was able to attack using projectile spells and easily have my sword drawn. The problem now is I draw my sword mid air and I fall, plus the spells don't look right when I'm flying. (animation issue or I need some other flying, attack, or spell animations as well that work while flying)

Tried: the updated wings with collision and gliding unfortunately I can't hover using them :(  plus I remember being able to slash my one handed sword and a projectile would come out like a sonic boom from guile but red.


4.) I could have sworn I used to have an anus on my skin or a mesh one for my player character... I don't recall though but if you know of one please list.


5.) I honestly don't remember how to use bodyslide and have had some difficulty re learning it especially how to get clothes / armor to fit even though my character would only really wear accessories, light armor boots and gloves at most.

Which reminds me what are the best unarmored mods out there? I remember using a good one that scaled with light armor and another that had perks in a tree which was a blast and not complicated at all.


6.) I used to have a belt I wore all it was was just a belt with a pouch or potion bottle on it by itself, I forget what it was called anyone know of a stand alone belt without pants or anything? It was just a belt with a pocket or two or other accessories on it.


7.) It seems after using bodyslide on myself it only affects my character which is great! But I'm hoping to mod the other female characters in my game to be either variants of sexier non vanilla women OR all the same I forget if I had a choice in the matter.


8.) I know this is a lot to cover so I was also curious if anyone wanted to add me on discord or even skype as verbal instructions are a lot easier for me to process. My discord is Koopagirl77 and am online quite a bit as I re situate my life.


**Attached below are screenshots of my mods and other info to help you help me :)**


Mods in Mod Organizer screenshots





(Also I'm trying to find my Papyrus log hope I grabbed and uploaded the correct file >.< never really did that before in the past.)




**EDITE** Just found where my load order file was in MO profile


# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
Insects Begone - Dawnguard - Spiders and Chaurus.esp
Insects Begone - DragonBorn Spiders and Ashoppers.esp
Insects Begone - Hearthfires.esp
Insects Begone - Spiders and Chaurus.esp
KJ Tattoos 2K.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
SOS - Shop.esp
SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp
SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon.esp
Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp



***Partially solved my first problem**. Looks like after installing an unrelated ENB and starting a new game they breasts jiggle when I run and slightly when I walk, but are stiff as a board when squatting, jumping and landing. Any solutions?



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