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Unequips selected clothing from selected races.
Separate settings for male/female
(Optional) Setbody support to alter body type


You wouldn't put lipstick on a pig. So why pants on a lizard?
The Argonians and Khajiit felt the pressure of society and have become slaves of fashion.
It is now the time to stop going native and conforming.
It is now the time to go back to their native ways.
You can free them of their shackles by freeing them of their clothes,
and letting it all hang freely.


Originally designed to strip the beast races of their clothes, this mod was
expanded to allow any race to be declothed via the ini.


Only clothing is unequipped. Armor is left untouched.


Compatible with Lovers (hopefully)
User settings:
List of races to modify (Default: Argonian,Khajiit)
Clothing to strip (tops, bottoms, head, hands, feet) (male/female)
Use Setbody support
List alternate body types for the selected races (male/female).
List multiple body types and one will be chosen randomly for each NPC
1. Extract files to data folder


1. Delete "Gone Native.esp" and "ini\Gone Native.ini"


yeah, about that. See, here's the deal.
The good news is all the unequipping will stop and clothing will go back to normal.
The bad news is there isn't any tracking for the Setbody changes.
So uninstalling won't reset the NPCs to their original bodytypes. Sorry about that.


version 0.1
-Initial release

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I don't know why I thought Oblivion needed another nudie mod.  I play with xeosp++, and the Argonians and Khajiit just seemed better suited nude. I wanted some customization. it seemed more useful to pick and choose the parts to unequip by gender (i.e. didn't want to see the male junk).  Also, I didn't want all the newly nudes to have the same exact body type and had to add that functionality.  That is why there is yet another nude mod.

oops, almost forgot, I had to make sure it was compatible with Lovers (i.e. male junk gets equipped properly)

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