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Searching for people interested in making free game.


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I'm sorry if it's not right forum, but from what i look it's seems the most fitting for my topic.

Currently i'm in mood to make few sprites (sex sprites), so basically i search for someone who would be interested in using them in their game, as i do it for free, I'm also expect that game will be a free, not commercial. If project would be interesting enough i could help with programming part. As for other i basically suck at writing and map making, so I can't make myself a game, so that why i search for some other projects.


As for sprites I have male and female templates in spritesheet format 8 frames, 105px height 80 width for walking, for sex sprites it's the same height and width 108px.

I know my sprites are not the greatest quality but I believe there are good enough to enjoy the game.


So as for fetishes i'm interested are netorare from male pov, and prostitution.


Also i have myself few ideas for games, but since i suck at writing I couldn't able to complete projects. 

One of idea is MC become slave with his sisters, but owner promise to free them if they supply enough milk to him, as we know in this world the best milk is human milk which is produced during intercourse, so MC need to manage his farm, send girls to have sex, and find new workers for "farm".

I have few similar ideas, but all of them has netorare or/and prostitution in them.


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