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Windows 10 can't start Skyrim via MO by SKSE...


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Hy Guys,


I've got a problem on my W10 partition. Yep, launching MO as usual, but when I start SKSE, the program get me this message and the game never run...




GetFolderPath 00000005 failed (result = 80070002 lasterr = 00000002)
Assertion failed in .\IDebugLog.cpp (64): SUCCEEDED(err) (code = FFFFFFFF80070002 (-2147024894))





It's not a so big problemn, because I still have my old W7 partition and it's working on, but at least I hope someone could explain me why W10 crashes like that...


Thanks guys.

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Eh... Yes, it can.  Not sure what's the issue on your end though.  Check that the folder paths of MO and Skyrim are registered correctly and drive letters haven't changed, or try reinstalling SKSE.  I've been using Windows 10 x64 for a year now.  Skyrim launches normally through MO.

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In fact, I have 3 partitions. The first one with W10, the second one with W7, and the third with my games. It's an SSD in GPT partition system.

My W10 install is C: and my games D:, the other drive (W7) is E:

On W7 (which SKSE is functionnal) it's C, the game partition D:, and W10 is E:.


In fact, the problem doesn't come from MO, but it's from SKSE itself. I don't know why, but W10 can't start it... I thought it was my ENB and nope. Reinstall SKSE on MO, but doesn't work too. It's a little bit borring in fact. I've bought W10 pro recently... To come back on W7. XD


EDIT : I found it !


It was because I moved my Docs to another drive (the usual C:\User\Documents... ) thanks Microsoft for his bad linking system XD

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I've got my Win7's and WIn10's document folders combined. (or better, changed the paths of the ones from WIn7 to point to the ones of Win10 - works perfectly. Wouldn't work the other way round, because Win10 doesn't want to write to Win7's folders for heavens sake.) BUT(!)never touch the documents folder or the hidden Appdate folder as it contains stuff used by each version of windows seperately. 


Plus, if you're using ENBoost and have 4GB of vRam and even more Ram, ditch Win10 again. xD 

Win7 has all the goodness you want. Also for old games, save the time and stick to WIn7. :P 

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Yep, I saw it by myself, I played a long time on W10 without any problem. ^^


I'm unsing ENB 308 with ENBoost 6.1 and Crash Fixes. I didn't touch my enblocal.ini settings and let it as it was on W7





And it looks to be stable. 170+ mods, FPS cap at 60, some stutter with the fully Wenches (Hateful Wenches, they spawn with the draughr ! And they conjure a LOT of draughr lol),

I will try tommorrow with W7 to see if I got the same lags ^^ (I recommand it, seriously, fights in Legendary becomes... ABSOLUTELY EPIC, they one shot me at the first meet XD)


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You know that Wondows 10 doesn't allow a vRam size higher than 4096MB? No matter what your enblocal.ini says. :P 

If you hit the magic 4096 MB limit you can't change on Windows 10, boom and you're thrown onto your desktop again. 

Is uses to work perfectly with 'only' *coughes* 4096MB of vRam, however, having loooooooots of hairmods installed could easily cause CTDs during RaceMenu editing. (At least it did so for me, which Windows 7 doesn't do.)


I don't know how much vRam Windows 7 would allow in total, running the MemorySizeTool I got to use 7904MB, and the RaceMenu issues are gone. 


You can't use more vRam than you have OR Windows allows anyway, no matter what fantasynumbers you put into your ini. ^-^


And how the hell is someone suppoed to reach 11000MB of vRamsize? 32GB of Ram or what? :o

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