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Sex Will Kill Us


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Hello everybody.


Having a few problems from few days ago, and I can't find what is the problem. I have 3 games started with same mods, but just 1 is "corrupted". The problem is my PC dies after sex. The problem starts abruptly and just after few events one from Live An Other Life, after save Ralof at Helgen, at same time the shop of Captured Dreams start to send me ads, so I figure maybe is one of this mods who causes it? Oh, one more thing, I was rapped by a wolf, but my squeleton soldier killed him before it finished the job, i get the Raped debuf but he died when I was trying to resist. Here it is, any suggestion?


Oh, yeah, wen I cast the sex spell (testing), now the actors starts to fly, fuck in the sky and then fall to their dead  :lol:, I think both problems start at same time, someone experienced something like this?


From now Thank you all. 

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Well.. you see? Sex is dangerous, and it kills, so you better stop it. :P


Seriously, no one can suggest anything about your problem if you don't post your loading order and papyrus log. But it sounds like something is conflicting very bad, missing some requirements, or is wrongly installed. 

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I will try to rise one of my other PCs until I get Captured Dreams ads to see if I have the same problem, maybe is not necessary take people's time if I can find the problem by myself, more, when there are 2 suspicious mods.


I was looking for someone who experienced the same issue, and just explain something that was very funny for me, already playing with RND and get diseased when die so First thing I though it was a SDT :D


I will post for any discover so people can be warned.

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Seeing as how It's Sunday and I don't have much to do today I'd be glad to help you through this XD. Bottom line is I think you have a load order problem or have not registered things in FNIS.


Run LOOT to organize your load order and then run FNIS for users. If it spews out any errors post everything  FNIS says here with your load order so we can get a better picture of what's going on.


Also make sure any animation mods are showing up in FNIS or that is a pretty serious problem.

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Oook!!  Solved!!


The guilty was the wolf!! XD  When my skeleton killed him (In resist phase), the game was stuck in that event, so when I fck with other people it thougt I was rapped and gave to me the bleeding state (dunno why it kills me every time).


Well, I just (after sort lists few times, and run FNIS "Now I think it mess some animations Ç_Ç") refreshed Defeat (yeah... wasn't my 1st option U_U). Sex keep giving the bleeding and rapped mode, but it didn't killed me, then, after other refresh cuz surrender button was not operative all is fixed. No more STD, no more flying sex. 


My nordic Old Necromancer is free to... uhm... You know, Draugurs have a distinctive smell ;)


Thanx for take a minute for read it and help guys. See ya!

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