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reinstalling FO4

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Since I appear to be the only player on the planet whose loading times of saves over 9 hours seems to triple I wanted to try just deleting fallout on steam then reinstalling it. Would my mods still be there or do I have to reinstall everything?

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I don't know for sure, but I believe your mods would be fine so long as they don't overwrite any vanilla files i.e. some replacers (although replacers are usually in .nif and .dds and so Fallout's .ba wouldn't do anything to them), as the downloaded files would overwrite them. However in a round about way, I have heard that when installing a game, steam checks the destination folder for any pre existing files with the same name and location as the ones it is trying to install and either prompts you for what you would like to do (overwrite or keep) or automatically keeps what is already there. To find out you should look for information on what steam does when it detects pre exiting files in the install destination

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