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Assuming control over anny npc


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Hello guys, i've been trying to get some fun with npcs and join some battles while i'm in total control of the npc just as if it was my own character. I've made some resarch and found out i need to use player.tc to stop controling the sole survival next selecting the npc i want to control and typing tc.


this are the good results:

1 my character stops moving

2 the npc performs the command


Now this are the bad results:

1 the npc does not perform anny combat imputs, the sole survival does despite the fact that i canot move it

2 the camera goes crazy. It orbits a point in the map and not the back of the npc.


I looked how it was done in skyrim and tried to apply to FO4 to no avail, the sintax is a bit different.


I wish there where console commands to do this but all i could find where those I mentioned.

I have very basic and limited knowledge about coding for bethesda games and english is not my native language so please, forgive anny stupidity i said and help me improve.


Thank you!!!

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