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Animation bug during anal sex scene!


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Hello everyone,


English is not my first language, so please bare with me.


I have an animation problem during an anal sex scene where the enemy's penis is humping the back of my character. There is also another similar bug where the same guy's entire lower body is beneath the floor level (for this one I did not take any screenshots unfortunately). At first I thought it was supposed to be like this, but then it started to occur more frequently and that's when I realized it is obviously a bug. Any ideas as to how to fix this?  Thanks!  Btw here are some screen shots to better describe the bug:


Thanks again.post-438467-0-97391400-1468271064_thumb.jpgpost-438467-0-40504400-1468271073_thumb.jpgpost-438467-0-44264200-1468271083_thumb.jpgpost-438467-0-24906500-1468271089_thumb.jpg

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I am guessing this is on a very specific animation? If it's one specific animation then my best answer to your issue is that there is something wrong with the files for this animation. As the players are moving the animation is running but having a problem in the actual movements of the characters. So long as this is a problem with a specific animation I would recommend simply avoiding that animation or reinstalling the mod that gave you the animation as there is nothing you can do about a single broken animation. As for if it's multiple I recommend running FNIS for users, running LOOT, and then doing a consistency check in FNIS (button below the info box). If you need to do that post your load order and what FNIS says before and after you hit consistency check so we know what's going on.

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