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Need some advice for mods to use in a Succubus playthrough!

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Just as the title emplies, I'm looking to play as a Succubus! And would like to make it as immersive and seamless as possible. I firstly grabbed the PSQ mod, along with defeat, matchmaker, mroe nasty critters, aroused prostitution, and a handful of other smaller mods to try and make it all work, but I'm finding it a bit too overwhelming and too much overlap on soem parts.


For instance, PSQ adds in the drain abilities, which is awesome! But, it doens't seem to affect anims chosen from say..Defeat, so I can't just use surrender, and then take advantage of them and kill them that way, though it still gives succubus XP and such. then  there's the overlap in features such as sneaking up on people, etc from both mods.


Anyone here have any good recommendations on the best setup for this sort of playthrough? I'd like as little overlap as possible as to not over-complicate things and put undue scripts ingame that I don't actually need.


Any advice or tips you might have would be most appreciated!

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I have not fiddled with PSQ, but have you tried complementing it with Deadly Drain? That should allow you to drain from any sexual partner, be them willing or unwilling.


You can also disable player as aggressor from Defeat menu, or refrain from using the aggressor button (I think 'G' by default).

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