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Animations not Finishing properly in SD+


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I'm having a weird issue where whenever enslaved sometimes the sex animations begin and they start for a second and my character suddenly goes back to the bound position while the NPC(s) keep going and finish the animation alone while my character is just stuck standing and bound. Sometimes the NPC's get into position to start an animation and then just go back to doing their normal routines like they have given up. This happens frequently and more often than my character finishing an animation properly. This seems to only be a problem in with SD and when my character is bound. It doesn't happen in defeat or anything else. I'm using sexlab animations along with funnybizness's animations and have all the proper requirements for SD+ but I just can't seem to solve it. Anybod else have this happen or a solution?

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First of all whenever posting something here load order is nice.


Secondly I recommend running FNIS. Just sounds like you have an issue with the animations loading and usually FNIS fixes that problem. From the sound of things you are using a slavery mod which in my experience are very finicky, so post your load order, run FNIS, and make sure you update your masterlist.

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