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HDT-SMP Wigs for everyone


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I'm in the process of trying to switch to HDT-SMP, and I got to thinking: since HDT-SMP hair has to come as a wig, why not add them to leveled lists so that they're automatically distributed to NPCs? Way easier than doing an NPC overhaul. It could work a lot like Devious Devices for the Masses.


I haven't tried any of the SMP wigs yet; how are they? Would they be okay to randomly distribute to the ladies of skyrim?


What do you think? Good idea? Waste of time?

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Ive asked the creater of the HDT version this but he never replied if he would do it but that was long ago. Thanks for bringing this up. I agree it should be done. If possible a RS patcher like in EBD would be cool for compatibility other mods leveled lists

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I'd like to stay away from a patcher; hence the idea of putting the Wigs into levelled lists and adding them to outfits. No need to edit NPCs if we can just edit their equipment and have them put on the Wigs automatically.


Best part is, with Wrye Bash, there wouldn't be any issues about conflicts.


Yes, having lots of hdt hair will hurt performance, but probably not that much more than giving everyone an HDT body. Every single female can end up having a jiggly HDT body; why not hair too?

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