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Physics for Mirielle the snow elf.

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I recently got back into Skyrim and I noticed a lot of good things have been updated and I'm loving it. However, I have some questions. I found Mirielle on Nexus mods, she is a snow elf follower and has a CBBE body. Obviously, if she is going to the follower I choose I'm gonna wanna get her naked. That I can do and animations work too but it seems physics doesn't. Currently, I'm running HDT Physics and HDT Bounce and Jiggles and they don't seem to apply to Mirielle. Any advice on how to fix this? Maybe a load order? Can physics even work with her?

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You just copy the HDT skeleton files as well as mesh files and replace it in her 'meshes' folder.
Also, in case the follower is UNP (just saying), you also want to change texture files in 'textures' folder.


This is a very short version. If this is not enough information and you need it more detailed (with stages), just ask. :-)

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