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How to add custom hair to default sliders in racemenu?

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Hey, guys a noob modder here. I saw somewhere a while ago a hrns mod that came with all kinds of them but sadly they were all circlets. Now i had this crazy ide to use some of these hrons as hair replacement, that you can select in the hairs tab when you create your character. Now i already included one of them in ck but they don't show up in the racemenu list. I onl made a headpart in ck and gave it the right properties like the other hair parts do. Bt the only thing that doesn't work yet is the hair actually showing up in the game in the hairs tab of racemenu. If anyone could help me i would be very gratefull with that. Do i need to edit some formlists or something?


btw if someone is interested here is the file i have been working on. Not that you must remember to esmify the Original file it is based on before you open this esp! The part ihave been working on is called "femalehornall1" and can be found in the "headparts" list for females.


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