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files downloaded are not correct

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 I tried to download attraction and approach and when I put them into NMM they were wallpapers. Has the site been hacked.. I know it says you are getting some work done to the forum, but this is very strange.

I hope its not just me, but then again I hope its not happening to everyone. Has anyone else had this problem.

I have looked and nothing has come up on the search for this.

Strange thing is that when I open up the files they are all correct as far as I can see, but I am no modder, I could be ng.

Thank you

SexLab Approach 28-4-2014 v3.7z

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, can anyone help me with this.someting is wrong as the files still say solitaire and they are not the loverslab files i am downloading

for sexlab approach it's not actually a wallpaper it's just mislabeled in the installer, if you actually open the zip you'll see there's a proper esp and all that, just rename it in the organizer so you know what it is.

unfortunately it is not a wallpaper, it opens up windows solitaire. hacked i think

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