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Latest FO4 game update and FOse crashes on game start

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Not sure why this is happening but since FO4 updated this last time my game would crash on start up sometimes it would get to load screen but mainly it would get to showing the power armor then flicker then crash. now if I start the game through the FO4 launcher it would start. Well figured it was because I didn't update FO4se to the latest so I did that. still does the ctd on game startup but works on steam launcher or game launcher.  any Ideas on what might be causing this?

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I did all that and went through my .ini's to make sure they were still set up. played for a few hours then left for a few days because of my job. well last night I came home and steam updated FO4 and I dl and installed the latest FO4se now it doesn't matter if I start from fo4se or steam or game launcher. I'll get the window with play, options,support and all that , click on play then the little steam window comes up saying preparing to launch Fallout 4. the I get the play window again. click on that goes to the little window saying launching fo4 and keeps on going round and round. I've even went as far as updating every little mod and driver in this puter and still does that.

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