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Long save loading times

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As the title suggests I'm experiencing long save loading times, not between traveling or going into buildings only when I load a save. I loaded a save this morning on a game with about 9 hours on it and it took about 30-40 seconds to load, which is normal. But when I try to load a save made later it takes between 1-2 minutes leaning more to 2 minutes. I don't think it's save bloat since the file sizes are the same as they have always been, suggestions?

other than getting a SSD


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Guest Electriq


Alt-tab while you wait, browse the internet, that's the best you can do pretty much

 Whenever I Alt-Tab out of a Bethesda game it refuses to reopen



Not sure if Fallout 4 has a borderless window, was a long time since I played it, but if it does then switch to that, if it doesn't, then I'd check if there are any mods for it (and there probably are)


Also if you don't wanna bother with all of that, there is a trick, if I remember correctly, you just need to alt tab twice, or click on it in taskbar, it was long time ago, I forgot the trick, but just play around with it, you'll probably manage to figure it out, also I am fairly sure that google might help you if you would search about that trick for alt tabbing in case the way I described doesn't work


Sorry for vague answers but it's better than nothing I guess :)

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I've had this same thing happen to me twice and both times it was a corrupted save file. I found the bad file by doing the following:



Create a folder anywhere on your HDD.


Navigate to your FO4 saves, select all files in the folder, then do a Copy and Paste to the folder you created.


When Windows tries to copy the bad file, you'll get an I/O error message with file name.


Just delete it and you're done. Also delete the folder you created since it's no longer necessary.



Good luck and I hope this helps.

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