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Animation limit?

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Is there a limit on the number of new animations you can have?


I've got SexLab, a couple of sex animation packs as well as two poser mods installed.  I tried to install another poser mod but when I ran FNIS it said I had too many animations?  How do I know how much is too much? 

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FNIS has a limit of 7000 anims added (it was 8000 but right no wit seems to be 7000, take it "cum grano salis", I am not sure if the actual limit is 7000 or 8000 now.)

Each animation HKX file consumes one position.

A SexLab animation can consumes on average 8 positions. Some less some more. Depending on how many actors and how many stages.

"Poses: will quickly add a bunch of HKX animations.


So if you get the limit using FNIS, then you can only remove some mods adding animations.

This limit cannot be bypassed.

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FNIS has a limit of 8,000 I think, and SexLab 1.62 has a limit of 500, if you run FNIS generate for users, when it's finished you'll see 2 different numbers for mods, the first and largest one is the type of animation FNIS uses (and the poser mods), the second and smaller number is the type of animation SexLab uses in the normal sex animations.


Poser mods are VERY animation heavy as far as numbers go, as is FNIS PCEA2, so it's probably that type of animation that you're hitting the limit on, might be time to be a little ruthless with your poser mods.







Aaaaargh!!! dammit! ninja'd by CPU... :D

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