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Asking for help on level making/scripting


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Usually, I don't use the very polite and formal tone on forums, but I really need help. No, I'm simply desperate about the matter.



It is sincerely hoped that someone with relevant knowledge would be willing to lend me a hand on making the new dungeons and locations, or scripts.


I am making a quest mod that requires several new places to be made, but sadly, I am having a hard time on that, and I had already spent weeks on trying to learn to make proper locations. 


As for scripts, I am able to make simple scripts that can make the quests proceed, but if anything a bit more complicated is to be made, I would need help.


The mod does not require making new worldspaces, all it needs on place making are interior zones and slight modification on the Tamriel worldspace. I have already drafted the layout of these places, so you would not need to spend time on designing them. If you wish to help, I have got the blueprints for you.


You will be honored and credited as the people who have made this mod possible - but before that, this mod must be made possible first.


Thank you.

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For editing the cells it is usually a pain to do it in a team.
But is possible. And, no, I am not offering help on this subject. Not my matter.

But if you need helps on scripts, feel free to ask. This is MY matter.


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