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looking for kind ppl to help me with body mods and to sort my mods


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first off i have some modding knowledge but because i left skyrim for about 2 years i think i only remember 20% of what i know about mods ! so expect to see some dumb questions :/
5 days ago i decided to back to skyrim and modding in general so i simply  picked about 140 mods to start with.
the problem i have right now and i think i spend about 20 hours just reading and downloading useless things  trying fix it and nothing changed .
i simply cant get the body mod i want to work without getting in to problems and these problems are as follow "physics glitches , clipping clothes, no animation  , cant change the body scales ,etc...."
the bodyslide drive me crazy because i'm using mod organizer its really complicated to get the body scales i want without clipping clothes and if i fixed the clipping problems i will lose the body scaling and if i fixed both and get it to work i will have textures and HTD problems....
so i was thinking if anyone can tell me how do i get a body mod that is like.. "" i want to say BBW like  but all what i've been through i just gave up all i want now is a body like CBBE curvy and has the option to change a bit of the scalling with Race menu "" 
i can't find a good looking body mod that's easy to install and it doesn't require to install or change anything to make it work with Devious Devices and armors/clothes or ZaZanimationPack
would be cool if someone tell me how to install a bodyslide preset with Mod Organizer and how to set all my armor to match the preset scales also how to not fuck up the body textures and physics .
the other solution is to start from 0 with a new body mod and get all the compatible mods to work with it (so i dont need to work with meshes 3rd party programs like bodyslide )
also this is all of my mods that i have right now  http://imgur.com/a/XKZsI   i didn't get STD from it and only the bad NPC/PC textures , body / physics problems 
so if someone can help me with this i will be thankfull
and sorry for my english 


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Go watch this series, because if you're using mod organizer you'll have to do things a little differently, and this guy explains it perfectly:


You'll want to watch episode 7 for bodyslide, if I remember correctly.  The last episode rovolves around FNIS (which is probably the mod that enables your animations), and how to use it in combination with Mod Organizer.  For issues with physics, it depends:  if you're using HDT, then I'm as lost as you, but if it's things like bodies jumping around like grasshoppers (which happens in my game), then use some sort of enb or mod which limits the framerate to either 60 fps or 45 fps, as going above 60 tends to be what causes that issue.  For the issue with clothes clipping, you may want to check the mod page for the mod that changes your clothes, as the author may address the issue in the mod description, or maybe in their comments.  As for a good body mod, I would recommend UUNP, as you can make changes to it with BodySlide, and there is a mod that changes most clothes into miniskirts.  You can find it here:


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