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Enhanced Camera Settings or ini


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Hi gals and guys,


i recently reinstalled skyrim and also went from using NMM to MO. I had the settings for enhanced camera working in my old installation, but im not able to find the source from where i had those settings in the first place.

I want it to behave like it used to:

When i scrolled out from 1st person view there used to be a "2nd first peron view", kind of necessary for sexlab animations and EC. Right now i can't acces this 2nd fpv, it goes from first person straight to 3rd person.

Also, where can i find the skse plugins for enhanced camera when using MO? From EC on Nexus:
- Settings can be configured in the 'SKSE\Plugins\SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini' file.


As always, im grateful for all the help, thank you.


cheers stroga


Edit: I found the ini file, trying forcedfirstpersonsitting. seems to work.


sorry for being stupid :x

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