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Re uploading The Redguard Expansion

Raynel Red

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I got so many requests for people who want the Redguard Expansion, I said that I wasn't supporting the project anymore, because I was working on the Forbidden Island which now has about 17 voice actors, it will be the size of Skyrim, and it will contain bustling cities, undercity, 4 new join able factions and much more, even your own potential fully voice acted girlfriend



Because of the requests though, I have decided to Re upload the Redguard Expansion tomorrow, with LOD ( Level of detail) and with plenty of more bug fixes, now that I have learned much in modding. I'll post a link on this site, I will add it on Steam and my personal site as well. Cheers and keep an eye out for Azura's Club, which will be released tomorrow.





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