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Sims 3 Save Corrupting W/ Pets (DLC)

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has anybody had this issue or know a solution?


for me it ALLWAYS goes two ways when I adopt a pet >.<


1. guy/girl turns up, talks to me and drops of pet.. nice and fine


2. guy/girl turns up, freezes and a white box appears on lot or near it >.< which always seems to lead too...


even if resetsim * or delete the white box the same thing happens.


save game then later reload does the following...


1. onloading (where you select your save file) the family photo is changed to a blank family icon.


when loading this save slot:


2. my family gets evicted from the house.

3. my house / family gets renamed to "pet household"

4. the lot / house is filled up with pets >.<


its not like im using a lot of mods >.< kinkyworld + animations packs + (required items for kw) / 1 body skin / 3 nude skin / nras controller, cheats, overwatch 


all my stuff pc wise is up to date.



at the moment before I quit now I have to save, then save as and put a 1 at the end then goto main menu and check if files are ok THEN I can quit ugh...


plus I thought of moving 1 person into the house and splitting out animals but that didn't work as house is full and game complains about when I try to >.<








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