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Wrist seam only when dressed


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I have this weird problem and I cant find a fix for it anywhere. I hope someone here can help.


I have installed the All in one hdt pussy 3.3 file. and it all works fine. Naked body looks good. Everything works.


But when I wear clothes, I get this seam on my wrists. It is really unsightly.


When I take off the clothes, the naked body has no seams at all.


I have tried slapping on different body textures, I tried changing to a different body type.


I installed a full armor replacer set. nothing seems to change the seam.


Im totally lost.


Anyone have any ideas what causes this?


specially since it only tears on a dressed body?



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That did the trick! Thank you soooo much. I was breaking my head over that one.


So strange though.


I used the same mods, in the same order a week ago. But then I ran into some problems with the Nature texture mods. So had to do a new install. The wrists were fine then though.

Full clean install, same mods and order, now I got this haha.


But all good now!


Lifesaver! ^^

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