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jh dawnguard black face


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my normal vampires are fine since i installed ece but i cant get Hert, and the named vampires at volkars castle to work.


the ones at volkars castle are blackface and dont seem to be useing the correnct head mesh. hertz has dark purple forhead and not useing correct head mesh.i have all the mods for them installed and nothing over written so im stumped.


load order seems to be fine. only thing i can think of is maybe the skyre enmny scaling is messing with them. as it also has npc data for head parts for some reason

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install SG eyebrows


nope i already have that installed, i already have all the stuff for them installed. sg brows, sghair 268, eyes of beauty and ece 1.2 insstalled.






was able to fix the 2 from lord harkens court just need to fix hert she still black face.


update 2.


after me4ssing around just randomly got it to work but for purple forhead.

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