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CTD when trying to enter certain areas

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I was on my way to Salem to do the witchcraft side mission when i just passed the nuclear symbol next to the Dunwich Dowers or whatever its called when i jump over this rock and crash.

Now i think its probably because I've been playing for like ever and I have a million mods and all of them are just now starting to hate each other but no, its not any of the mods fault. 

I did a complete uninstall, went to the folder and deleted any stragglers, enb, what have you, and did a full reinstall with all dlc and I head back to the same area and crash.

Now here's where it gets weird, I start a new game and head straight there and all's well in the neighborhood, I do the quest and nearly shit myself from fear. Its a really good quest to play in the dark during a thunderstorm lol but when i try to do a railroad quest, my game crashes near the church you have to go to near bunker hill.

On both instances its like I've hit a wall, a literal crash wall. If i stand before it, all good, i take a step forward and game death. I can shoot in, lob grenades, do the killall code and nothing prevents the ctd.

Anyone else experiencing this or better yet, figured out what it is that's causing it bc all the fixes I've found don't help


NVM Figured it out bad mesh from a mod

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