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Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC + Skyrim players! Pointless question time!


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Okay, so there's this "Unseen Elder" creature in the Witcher 3 DLC, Blood and Wine.

I find him to be very fascinating, and want to recreate the character in Skyrim.

(I'm not so sure how successful I'd be, you could recommend stuff for that too!­)





Isn't he so pretty ?




But for the cave? Yes, I know. This is a question about caves. Told you it'd be pointless!


It would need to be not so commonly visited, or accessible.

Some kind of rare cave you would stumble onto in Skyrim, but not so obviously "there".


The foggy visual of which cave that could be keeps.. dancing around but not coalescing into anything feasible.

Just like all my thoughts  :unsure:

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The cave you come out of just after escaping Helgen. it's the only time you ever visit it and the bear and spiders are easy enough to kill off so it remains empty after that as far as I know. plus after the escape there's only one way in and out. the Dragon brings the ceiling done earlier before entering the cave portion. a little work in the CK and you could add another small section beyond where the stream dead ends with a locked pull chain gate. that way on your initial playthrough you'd never see him but could come back at some point to unlock the gate. (a quest or something) if your wanting to make him an NPC otherwise make the added portion a player home for this character.


Sounds great.

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