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[Question] How to maintain the nipples' color after swapping bodies?


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Use the texture tool to extract the textures from your preferred nude model.  Then use the tool to swap the appropriate texture on the new body.  It takes a bit of practice (you need to make sure it uses the same UV map) but it works perfectly.  

Wow very nice, thank bro  :wub:

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Uhm... another question, after editing the meshes, some shadows just appeared on the texture. I tried to fix it by swapping unused textures with black square using texture tool, or using UV tool to scale it. But the shadows' position on the costume wasn't affected at all. Please give me some guides. Thank you :)


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That's not my strongest area, but I think it's the seams getting messed up during editing.  You could try Timmy's converter tool to clean it up a bit.  Again, not my best area, but that's what I would try.  



Maybe normals have a problem.

Please try this if you can't do it with Timmy's tool.


1.Download and install "for Blender Keep Vertex Normals 0.4.2"



2.Edit mesh



3.Recalc Normals


Very simple but effective solutions guys, you're so kind. Thanks  :D

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