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Hey guys. New modder on the scene here.


You can follow and try out the mod here and here.


What would you say to a mod that attempts to take the brands of Soda from the Call of Duty: Zombies games and attempts to rework them so they have their own effects, are added to the level-lists and even have their own original lore integrated into the Wasteland?


So far I have the textures ready for Juggernog, Speed-Cola and Quick Revive. I'm thinking the effects of these named sodas will be a boost to health and damage resistance, reload speed and a slight movement bonus and a chem addiction remover and stimpak magnitude bonus, respectively.


I've been playing around with a few ideas, perhaps seeing if I can integrate the soda jingles into the radio channels, sort of like an advertisement between songs.


At a stretch, I would also like to make a factory somewhere in the commonwealth where these sodas were made, giving an indication on the story behind the factory before the war. Perhaps even tease the player with the prospect of a highly irradiated batch of soda that caused a very small but business ruining zombie outbreak in the factory?


I have a few other, really cool ideas but I want to keep them close to my chest for the time being.


Ideally I would like to create a bottle for every perk-soda that exists. But for the meantime I'll be sticking with the original four, the three I mentioned earlier and Double Tap. I may get the textures and bottles ready in the mod, however I won't be adding them to levelling lists until they have their own, balanced effects. They'll only be acquirable for testing purposes through the console.


FYI: Because of the nature of this mod's assets that do not belong to me, such as the logo designs, jingles if I add them, etc, I do not plan to accept any sort of donation for this mod. This is purely for fun.


I'll be posting in game screenshots, when they're integrated (and when I've earned the right on this forum).





The above was written on another forum at the time of the mod's creation, the following is a recent abridgement to update on the above statement's developments.


Details of the bottles, their effects and how they're going to fit into the wasteland can be found on the second link at the top, which will take you to the Nexus Mod page, where what I feel comfortable sharing is written in comprehensive detail, as well as how far in development each feature is.


You may notice if you do follow that link, that some of my ideas have been crossed out, one in particular is the "jingle" idea, which is all but impossible due to both legal reasons and the Nexus ToS regarding using third-party resources without permission. I will attempt to gain permission, but thinking realistically I don't think I'll get it, so don't plan for this to be featured any time soon unless I suddenly grow a musical bone or someone who has said bone provides me with their own resources.


Similarly, vending machines may not be included, at least not using the models straight from CoD:Z. Again, I can attempt to gain permission to use those resources but I don't think I'll be able to include these models unless I make them myself or someone more skilled makes them for me.


I've never assumed I'd be able to simply use another game's features, which is why I included these possible features as a stretch. But there's always a chance, so they will continue to be listed on the page until I know for certain it will never happen.






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So it's been a little while, hasn't it?

Today I'm going to redo the mod's esp file using the assets I've made just to clean up the mod and remove unneccesary stuff that the creator added (like material replacers).


I should have a new file out by the end of today for people to mess around with if they so choose.

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