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Can't move character and camera


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Hi guys,

usually i manage to sort up those kind of problems by myself but...this time it's harder. I haven't played skyrim for a few weeks, so yesterday i decided to play a bit. Since i'm using nexus mod manager, i installed the new version, which apparently reinstalled all my mods at once -at least, this is what the warning message said-. So, right now, as soon as i load a game, i can't move my character at all, not the camera too. My keyboards is not working, i can't open menu and press esc, the only things which are working are the console key -and in the console i can type without any problem- and the dodge key - i'm using requiem, and i have bound the dodge to double tapping w,a,s,d-. I've already fixed the load order with loot + manually moving requiem and varoius patches at the very last, redone the skyproc thing of requiem, checked the skyrim.in, loaded an older save. Nothing is working at all. Any ideas?

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Unless using the command to reset pc controls works i can only suggest you disable all your mods one by one till you get something work.


Try these two commands

- enableplayercontrols

if that doesnt work

- click on your PC and type "TC"

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nope, didn't work. The problem is, besides all other mods i have requiem, hunterborn and frostfall installed, so you know i can't just uninstall all and reinstall every mod one by one since those 3 are really heavy. I know i need to do a cleanup of my game, but if i can't manage to get a clean save god, i don't wanna lose my uba é_è. Two things i forgot, i've tried to use and x-box controller too without any results, and in the console if i select my character, under the type category it says "NPC(_NPC)". Is it correct?

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Personally i do not like NMM mechanics for installing mods (in my opinion) for this very same reason.

If you are up to, make your character sacrifice worthly: uninstall all mods (so your Skyrim stays clean) and move to Mod Organizer

You wont regret it! 

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meh...There is really no way to save my character? at least the aspect? i've spent more time to get her than to play with her xD


Character? i am trying to save your soul!!! Moveto Mod Organizer!!  :P  



You are not willing to uninstall and reinstall mods on your NMM to try undoing whatever crap NMM did, sometimes there are no magic solutions

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No but, i'm okay with moving to MO, I?m just trying to figure out a way to save at least the presect of my char. But it's k, i'll try it tonight. Ty.


You said you could use console, right? Do you have racemenu installed? if you do and it works you can save your preset

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