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just today i installed skyrim...¿now what?

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i pass long time watching this forum, and now finally i have installed skyrim (legendary edition, with hd texture pack) and now... well i reading, and reading and reading, and cbbe... and unp...and the result looks similar to thc... :P


i will say whit is, please can somebody say me how the hell i can install or no install the mods? i understand here exist a true masters of the mod, but sometimes i see some mod and read about compatibilities, other requirements and all start to be really crazy, maybe just beacause some mods are old and do conflict whit other mods...


this be the reason to i open this topic, for can get help to can install mods in order, this true i searching build a futanari big boobed argonian how player (its my concrete search, for can put a exact example) but i sure the process can be apply for other beginners who will build her own chars


please, can help whit it ? a list in order to install, well i suppose some people like more "manga body" or "cbbe" body or "unp hdt jhdfsj arf barble gorf"... just best say the most advanced or the best whit future possibilities


or at least what i need to read or see in order to can get oriented in this adventure for can install the mods (manually best, drag and drop, copy files in the zip, yes, i know it...), whit luck if i can learn it, in the future i can try to use the creation kit for build something


just think about recent install, clean install, and yes, install mods in order, race menus, edit char menus, for nude, for sex, etc...


i dont know if i asking about some impossible thing by her variety... please mod masters, help :)


PD, excuse my bad english, no its my native language

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I advice you start with a mod manager. Much cleaner. And you don't have to manually delete mods if you got bored of them later. I use Nexus Mod Manager. Install latest version. Then start with the essential mods because those make the game work better and modding possible.



Unofficial Skyrim patch. Fixes a bunch of bugs. Now there is one for the Legendary Edition, so you only need that.



XP32 Skeleton. This will be used for all the animations later.

Fores New Idles for Skyrim or FNIS. You need this for animations. Essentially, it's a program that you need to run once every time you install/unistall mods that use custon animations.

A body mod of your choice. Most popular are CBBE and UNP and the several versions of them.

Some armor conversion for the appropriate body mod (ie: UNP armor, CBBE armor, etc)


These are the ones you need. But you can finetune the look of your game with other mods that add new hairstyles, better faces, better cities, better followers, etc. Be creative. Now onto LL essentials.


SexLab Framework.


ZazAnimationPack and all its variables.

(Hint: after installing a mod that adds new animations, you NEED to run GenerateFNIS before the game or nothing will work.)


Now you can just pick a mod you like, dowload anything required for it to work and try them. Load order is usually mods that affect many/big things are top, mods that affect smaller things are bottom. But there are tools, like BOSS, that will put your mods in order. They are reliable, as long as you don't use too many mods. The most I usually had was around 150, and the only problem I ever encountered with Boss was that I had to switch Ethereal Elven Overhaul and Bijin Warmaidens for them to work every time after running BOSS.

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