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Modded weapons etc appear invisible

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I just did a fresh install of Fallout 4 yesterday. Downloaded a bucnh of mods from the nexus and installed them via the nexus mod manager. 

Now my issue is that all of my mods appear invisible in the game. 

For example: I downloaded an MK14 EMR and it shows up invisible. I also downloaded a bunch of scopes and they are also all invisible. 






These are the mods i use. 

I did this thing with 




in the Fallout4custom.ini etc and i really dont know what else i could do. 
Any ideas or suggestions? 
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Yes, a few:


First, if you haven't already done so, get a copy of LOOT and run it to optimize your load order. It's possible that you have a mod or two out of place and that could be the cause of your problem. I'm using some of the same weps you are along with See Thru Combat Scopes and I have no issues at all. In my load order though, the scopes are loaded after all of my weps. I saw you had a wep loaded after the scopes so that's why I'm suggesting that you run LOOT first. 


Second, if you still have the problem after running LOOT, try disabling your mods one at a time until you find the one causing the problem. Keep in mind though that simply unchecking the mod in NMM doesn't always work since the mod's asset files are STILL in your data folder and the game will read and use these files if they replace something in the vanilla game. The only way to be absolutely sure is to UNINSTALL the mod, but start by just unchecking the esp. You might get lucky.


Third, as a last resort, go back to the Nexus and READ the description page of every mod you've installed and make sure you've met all the requirements for that mod. Also, check the bug reports just in case someone else has reported the same problem as yours.



Unfortunately, there's no quick and easy fix unless something jumps out at someone here. The one thing that hit me was your M2216 loading after 3dscopes. Good luck.

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I did try to disable the mods, but even if M2216 is the only installed and active mod, it still stays invisible. 

I did try to use loot but it didn't show any error or warnings. i let it sort my plugins but yeah, nothing in the loadorder changed. However, now my game doesn't even load anymore. Once i am in the main menu and click on load game it will just close. 


Tried getting back to my old loadorder but it doesn't work either. Seems like i totally screwed up now somehow. 





Edit: Okay no wait, i moved the scope framework.esp above the other eps's of that mod and the game seems to be running now. My stuff is still invisible though. 



Another thing: My pipboy mods aren't working either. Got a mod that shoudl increase the reoslution and look of the pipboy but its still the default one. 


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Maybe try a verify game cache through Steam. Also you can UNINSTALL every mod, delete your ini files and then try to run a vanilla game. Make sure your game version is the latest and you're using the latest version of NMM. Once you can run vanilla, modify your ini files for modding - you can find this on the Nexus if you don't know already. Then install ONE mod and see what happens. If all is ok, install another and check, rinse and repeat. Eventually you'll find the mod OR the combination of mods that's messing you up, assuming its the mods that are doing this.


The first step is to make sure you can run a vanilla game. If you can't run vanilla, you definitely won't run modded.


Sometimes is best to start with a clean slate instead of taking pot shots at a problem.

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