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Help with DynDOLOD / TES5Edit


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So I'm trying to follow Anatriax's guide to setup my skyrim once again all the way from the beginning. However, I came across so difficulties when trying to install DynDOLOD. I've followed the guide's instructions to the letters, but when I try to Apply Script to Skyrim.esm (the last phase of the guide) I get the following message:

  DynDOLOD Worlds 1.48 using TES5LODGen by Ehamloptiran, Sheson and Zilav, starting...

[00:00:00.019] TES5Edit.exe 09/11/2015 (1198084327)
[00:00:00.025] LODGen.exe 23/09/2015 (1194823298)
[00:00:00.035] ******************************************************************
[00:00:00.040]                    A newer version of xEdit is required! RTFM!
[00:00:00.051] ******************************************************************
[Apply Script done]  Processed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00

In the link provided by the message, I found nothing and according to Nexus, I have the latest version of TES5Edit. What is going on? 
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Never mind, figured it out. Apparently FO4Edit is a new experimental version of TES5Edit, which is required for DynDOLOD. I don't know how or why, but yeah... Thanks to the german forum and google translate I guess ._.


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Hi, i recently did DyndoLOD for the 1st time myself, struggled at the same point too lol. Silly the Skyrim mod uses F04 stuff.


ANYHOO, You should try the DyndoLOD 2 beta instead, I found it easier to use and no purple meshes after. It's called a beta but been out for ages, give it a try if your 1st run fails :)

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