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Getting Companion Sound Sets to work with ALL races.


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If you happen to be using Companion Sound Sets and you try to use it on your Ainmhi/Tabaxi/White Tabaxi/Lolita follower, but it doesn't work, just go into the voice directory of all the characters voices you are using and copy a folder and name it "Ainmhi."


The NPC you want to have the voice will now have it, EXCEPT, that MBP doesn't have a voice identified for the Ainmhi race for some reason, so you will have to ADD that using TES4Edit.


It's always good to check what voice the races are using from "cosmetic" mods that add races because sometimes they are whack.  Like using the "Woodelf" race voice when all Woodelves use the Highelf voice files for instance.  Khajiit use Argonian, Breton's use the Imperial, etc. 


SO...getting to know the specific race specifications of the companion you are using can help you get that mod working perfectly.


I've got Ramey Enfant using one of the sound sets and she is absolutely hilarious now.  (Copied one of the vanilla voice folder files of the character I wanted to give her and named it "Enfant.")


My resurrected Captain Miranda Renault uses the "Safana" character's voice files and I have NEVER been more pleased to have her in my party!


I've got a stunning White Tabaxi using the "Jaheira" voice and Bernadette Penneles (MY commoner turned Archer) is using "Mazzy" I think.  


Gotta love it when she greets me with "Sire?"  


Hit me up if you have any questions.



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