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SexLab Animation question

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Ok so I am not very skilled with modding but I try my best to read and re-read instructions and follow guides on how to install and whatever else is needed. Before I burden you guys with my load order (which yes I organize with the latest LOOT) and etc, I just recently installed Sexlab for the first time, followed the instructions, and etc. Im also restarting my game so clean saves are no problem either...


My situation is  :


When using the SexLab debug "Target" magic feature to test animations and voices - for whatever reason - (I play a male character btw) my character always seems to be on the female end of the animation - even when it displays "STRAIGHT XXX" My guy is over there takin the strap-on or getting his nips licked (lol...). I checked in the MCM a fair bit and everything seems in order in terms of heterosexuality/gender male. Swapping them up doesnt seem to change it all that much - the only thing that does "work" is using the "+/=" key to swap positions between the two characters. 


My question is : 


Is this even a problem or just how the debug feature is supposed to work?

I'd be happy to read up on how these features are supposed to work but I cant really seem to find them as I am new-ish to LL myself.



Edit : I just tried another Mod by the same author : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17343-sexlab-matchmaker/


just to see if the supposed "issue" replicates itself and it does not, but my original question still stands. This does bode well though.

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