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Any Ideas on how to make this work ?

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So, I was wanting to make a script that will place custom created NPCS.


So far it's all going great except for 1 minor hitch I can't quite grasp, Which is giving them custom names.


So, I have tried using this:



    ElseIf(iButton == 1)
        ObjectReference rPlaced = None
        ; ---- Guard Pick ----
        iButton = MessageGuard.Show()
        If(iButton == 0)
            Return ;
        ElseIf(iButton == 1)
                iButton = MessageNamesList.Show()
                If(iButton == 0)
                   rPlaced = Player.PlaceAtMe(Allison)
                ElseIf(iButton == 1)
                   rPlaced = Player.PlaceAtMe(Aaliyah)


Now this would work, Basically spawning the NPC with that name that is already created, What I was wondering if is there was a way anyone knew of that I could set it up where they could customize the name to whatever they wanted.

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