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Blender .nif error

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Hello everyone,




I'm having a problem with exporting .mesh.ascii as .nif in blender. 


My first error was not having enough values.


I looked up and I found a post on NifTools, GhostWalker71 said "In blender, select the item you want to export, then in the right hand menu click the orange box icon for the object data. You should see NifTools Object Panel. The first line in that section is the Nif version. The version value for skyrim is User version is 12 and user version two is 83. You must set these values for all parts that you are trying to export."



So I did exactly as he said. 


And now I'm getting another error. 


I'm not exactly sure how I'd know the value of user version 1 and user version 2 without using nifskope.


I can't use it since I'm trying to export it as .nif because .mesh.ascii is unopenable with nifskope for me.


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