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Weird body shadowing

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i have a strange shadowing issue when looking at my char´s body.

Some parts of the body like the neck, the ears, the nose, the armpits and some other regions are blackened

when they are in the center of the screen directly under the crosshair.

They look absolute normal when off center.

Got two pictures here to show what i mean:






Does anybody have an idea, what is causing this and how i can get rid of it?


Further Info: I am on a Windows 8 system using a Nvidia Geforce GTX 980

and all Graphics settings for Fallout maxed.


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I found the Problem.

It was the Ambient Occlusion.

After setting bSAOEnable=0 in the Fallout4prefs.ini

the problem was gone.


Shouldnt ambielt occlusion improve image quality?


Ambient Occlusion is all about shadows, the dark areas are meant to be there as shadows, though the quality of the result may vary.

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