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Help with realigning animations


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Some of my animations have all the actors standing on the same spot so that they don't line up at all and I'm not really familiar with how to fix them.


Specifically I'm trying to fix the necrospitroast animation


I tried to attach a picture but I guess I'm not permitted to upload those yet.



Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



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I thought anybody can attach pictures, you just have to click "More Reply Options" at the bottom... 

Anyway, I thought the latest Sexlab framework allows you to use the keys J, K, L, and ; to edit positions of animations.  J is to toggle between actors.  K is to move on the X axis (horizontally), L is to move on the Y axis (vertically), and ; is to move on the Z axis (to the foreground and background).  

Oh, and depressing Shift while pressing any of the above keys will switch directions.

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