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Texture Question - Devious Devices

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Hey Guys!


This *may* be better suited for the specific mod thread, but I think (and may be wrong here) it actually spans a couple different ones.


Right now not all of the textures of the Devious Devices are working properly. I haven't done an extensive list, but it looks like most of the textures that are not loading in properly are from the Expansion and not the base Assets. There are some Leather options that I believe are in the base Assets that aren't loading, but the majority are from Expansion. There are some consistancies, such as all Ebonite versions or all Armbinders being affected, as well as some inconsistancies such as only the Boots of the Restrictive set being affected.


Thus far the only fix I have tried is uninstalling and reinstalling the mods to see if that helps, but that did not fix it. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

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