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Saving the Story

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Beware of Dragon



The player finally arrives at the Institute to discovery that the true purpose of the creation of the Synths has a very real and twisted purpose of replacing all females on the planet with Fembots made specifically to expedite the repopulation above ground with genetically modified humans.


This explains perfectly the agenda of the Railroad to free all Synths.  They stand against what they see as forced sex slaves.


The Brotherhood story still fits perfectly.  Actually helps since it plays to their fears of the human race becoming a bunch of degenerates.


And finally clearly makes the Institute evil enough that most players should finally be able to understand why replacing people above ground is bad.


Of course it also offers some other opportunities for role playing.

/end spoiler


I tried ><


/cry face

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You should put this in a spoiler, inside a spoiler, inside a spoiler then a big title "Beware of the Dragon", and then another spoiler!


:D  :D  :D  :D


I think your idea is nice.

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