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Help adding hair to custom race useing the CK

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You already know much more than me it seems, I for one have never been able to even launch the CK without 5000 different errors and crashes. (Yes, I do have it)


But dude, there's I think a mod somewhere around that scans for ALL hairstyles of ALL mods you have installed and integrates them into a new plugin so that you can "always" use all hairs no matter in which of your mods they are


Well, the "dummy road" would be:

Overwrite for example hair1 or whatever from temptress hairs directory (or if it uses a BSA, make a directory in proper structure) with the follower's hair


That way you lose one - but get one



Then what I remember from playing myself - I OFTEN made it like this: I start a new game new char, select one of like 20 hairs, then later AFTER creation and some playing, I just "showracemenu" and then suddenly like by magic the other hairs like KS and Apachii appear and it jumps from 20 to 1000 hairs or so.


Maybe you are lucky enough to get this "bug" too 

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