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anyone able to give me some armor modification assistance please


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Im trying to modify an armor to work with my custom body and I seem to have it all working except for some unknown reason when i created a new item in game the armor came out with the right size/shape for my custom body, but the underlying body itself has defaulted to a "default" body.


The armor has transparent sections that you can see the body through, so I can see the breasts on my characters body are tiny within the larger breast shapes of the armor.


The weird thing is that I modified the .nif files in Outfit Studio according to the steps here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25180-unofficial-bodyslide-2outfit-studio-tutorials/ and the item i was wearing already was fine, however a newly crafted armor item has this default body issue.


Anyone got an idea how to correct this?


thanks in advance



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If I recall correctly, check your mesh folder to see if there is more than one instance of the body mesh.  Sometimes mod authors will use one body mesh, but have different textures pointing to it in the creation kit, or they'll use separate meshes for each texture.  If the latter is the case, you'll have to copy your custom body into each outfit.  Open the outfit in OS, and load your body shape as the base shape reference.  Hide your body reference by clicking on the eye in the right hand panel, if a body is still showing you'll need to remove that by right-clicking delete.  Then unhide the base shape reference, right click on that and choose duplicate, name it body, then choose export nif.  Do this for both _0 and _1 weights, be careful that you save it as the correct filename for each instance of the body piece of the outfit mesh :)  


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You're welcome, I'm still learning as well, hope that fixes it!  Urgh just remembered an easier way to do it, if an outfit mesh has same shape but different textures, just change the texture paths from your original edited mesh to the right ones, and save as right file name and correct weights (else you'll have to edit the mesh shape for each instance of the outfit).  Sorry about that, and hope I'm making sense  :rolleyes:


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Excellent, worked a treat thanks muchly


Though anyone got an idea how to fix the gap that appeared between the hands and the arm.  This only happens with the chest armor on (and no gloves) not when the character is naked.


The body I'm using is a CBBE HDT body created in bodyslide, I did try creating a new body (in bodyslide) and re-modifying the armor again but same result.


The armor Im working with is the Celes Nightingale Armor with the CBBE HDT optional files.


Thanks again


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