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Map making question

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Size matters eh?

My first ever mod is progressing beautifully but I need this answer and I'm not getting any love over at the nexus. What little I've read is conflicting accounts so I want your opinions on the 152Mb limit world space and the 157Mb limit indoor cell space in the CK. * Yes, very adult themed mod so I hope you'll get something out of this in the end.


The first phase I'm building a temple/castle in a large underground cavern/river and I'm going over the limit even when breaking stuff up. It's worldspace big, not big cave tile(though epic pieces are good). I had heard the worldspace limit wasn't a hard limit but that the indoor cell will make my pieces disappear. In CK I see them disappear in indoor cell but haven't copied things over to a worldspace yet. I'm working in multiple cells yet still trying to limit the impact of load doors.


Looking for advice to make my imagination playable for you and I. Unfortunately I do like high Mb architectural pieces. I'd rather tedious workarounds than compromise as I've travelled the world and have an appreciation for design - form & function and all that. I just feel that a 152MB worldspace is worse bondage than you'll find in a zaz pack.  I'm really hoping someone will say my solution is somewhere in worldspace wizardry, maybe pull my hair and call me a noob.

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