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Sex animations are not starting?!

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Hey! I'm trying to get this to work but literally nothing works. For example, with sexlab defeat, I can talk to the person and initiate "sex" but after my character removes the person's clothing, it simply stands still... This is valid for any other mods I tried.


Here are screenshots of my mods:






I don't know what to do...


Thanks for the help.

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Have you activate Sexlab in Sexlab MCM?


Bruh... Thanks so much. How did I not see that? I assumed it was installed since I installed it with Mod organizer... Holy crap...


On another note, is it not possible to have better view angles? Also, the camera often fucks up and I can't see my character's view but I can control my character... It's like my view is fixed to someplace and I can't cancel it. I can't even view the menu when I press esc.


As for the bodies, how can I use one that's premade and use clothes that someone made? 


For example, this: http://nsfwmods.com/files/file/7-unpb-tbbp-charlotte-dunois-bunny/


Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

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Body and clothing has to be created for same body type ie. UNPB clothing should be used by character using UNPB body (and UNP compatible body texture).


You may start by select body type you like and select clothing for them or vice versa.


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