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M.N.A Nuclear ARsenal

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Patch required : 1.4.132
Required files : Already listed upon downloading the file.




are you tired regular old fatman just do what every fatman does?, worry no more here on M.N.A factory we constantly make nuclear strait to you're heart, have that super mutant bugging you used houndog Mirv portable cannon, this modified late century cannon similar to original cannon with added twist A Nuke twist, simply point the barrel and let the ammo do its job, don't like carrying cannon?, we also designed a grenade that will suit you're needs want a grenade that split into 3 yes you can do that, want to throw mortar without that pesky inaccurate artillery strike you can also do that, what are you waiting for download now and feel the quantum taste. Enlist you're vault dweller to M.N.A programme and experience the ultimate nuclear arsenal in your inventory Brought to you by Quantum Nuka cola it makes you're hair glow.




hi I'm from Malaysia so this is not really my first gig at modding but it's first of many, i introduce you the most craziest experiment that i ever done deemed possible, at first i wanted to use this as my personal mod so i can end the game in epic way So many nuclear shells wasted XD, anyways if you downloaded this and ask "what the hell?, broadside cannon doesn't shoot cannon its a nuke!" it's named nuclear arsenal for one reason i modified the original broadside cannon so you can shoot like crazy, just don't go too crazy okay if you used fatman before you know how to use this, ONLY USED when you got in very tight situation or if you want to cut corners either way mod won't stop you're madness. I'm a nut job for demolition expert, i need that one crazy weapon that does things and clear things, if you like explosive and like this kind of crazy weapon please endorsed my mod thank you, any complaints or suggestion or if you felt there's room for improvement drop a comment and I'll do my best to see what problem you having.


Thank you for downloading!


before i forgot You will need armorkeywords i will also add that to required file listing :).



  • Add two different Modded Broadsider that shoot Mortar Shell and Mirv Nuke Warhead, Add five different grenade that throws two different missiles, 5 different effects idk lots of stuff added on this mod.
  • two different nukes mirv and normal, one mortar grenade, Add Two different landmine that explode nuclear and hallucigen gas!target cause frenzy
  • Add two special bullets to reload Modded broadsider.




Thankfully there's no mod conflict i tested this mod with 167 different mods that focused on gameplay
There's No bug YAY!, if there's one however please report to me immediately to see what's wrong.

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